Kirby Estate Captures the Attention of Style Advisor Magazine

We are thrilled to announce that Kirby Estate's 2020 Reserve Merlot has been featured in the latest issue of The Globe and Mail Style Advisor, Canada's premier guide to luxury living.

This recognition shines a light on the innovative personalities, places, and products across various sectors, including fashion, beauty, design, tech, travel, food, and drink.

In an article penned by Christopher Waters, titled "Merlot Magic," the journey of Scott and Maria Kirby is beautifully narrated. Initially in search of a picturesque home in Niagara, the Kirbys' adventure took a serendipitous turn when they found their dream property, complete with grape vines. Among the gamay, pinot blanc, and chardonnay planted across their 10-acre Niagara Lakeshore vineyard, it is the merlot that has captured the attention and admiration of critics and sommeliers alike.

Merlot, often overshadowed and predominantly used in red blends within the Niagara region, is rarely celebrated as the area's standout grape. However, Kirby Estate is changing the narrative. Our small lot Signature Merlot and Reserve Merlot from 2020 are generating excitement for their unique potential and quality, elevating the profile of this often-underestimated variety.

Download the full March 2024 Issue here.


Niagara’s workhorse grape shines at a boutique winery

When Scott and Maria Kirby started searching for a home in Niagara, their intent wasn’t to make wine. “We were just looking for a beautiful place,” Scott says. It just so happened their ideal property came with grape vines. The 10-acre NiagaraLakeshore vineyard is planted with gamay, pinot blanc and chardonnay. Curiously, it’s the property’s merlot that is thrilling critics and sommeliers and raising the profile of the often-overlooked variety. Merlot is one of the most widely planted varieties in Niagara, but those grapes are often used in red blends. Unlike chardonnay, pinot noir or cabernet franc, merlot is rarely counted as the region’s best grape, but KirbyEstate’s distinctive small lot Signature Merlot and ReserveMerlot from 2020 is creating buzz for its potential. Christopher Waters.

Kirby Estate Reserve Merlot - $80