Crafting Exceptional Wines

The extraordinary grapes at Kirby Estate are a testament to the passionate and skilled team we are privileged to work alongside, each member contributing to the cultivation of unparalleled excellence.


Their boutique vineyard and newly minted farm winery has become their passion project to share with others. Under their stewardship, they have partnered with the best industry professionals with expertise in vineyard management and artisanal wine making resulting in remarkably high quality, small-lot, single-vineyard merlot, chardonnay, and soon to be sparkling wines.  They are inspired by other quality wine makers who also seek to release the magic in their terroir grown grapes which showcase the authentic rich flavours of Niagara Lakeshore’s award winning wines.

‍Acres of vines with mature red and white vinifera varieties stood proudly like soldiers in the fertile soils, as if to challenge the Kirbys in a call to stewardship. They embraced the challenge with optimism and a hint of trepidation and have journeyed down the road less travelled becoming grape growers and vignerons – living the dream, truly blessed.

kirby House

Meet Our Team

At Kirby Estate, our team is dedicated to crafting exceptional wines.

vineyard management

Craig Wismer

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Wine Maker

Matt Smith

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Strategic Advisor

Adam Lowy

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Strategic Consultant

Peter Gamble

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Co-owner of Kirby Estate

Maria Kirby

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Co-owner and vigneron of Kirby Estate

Scott Kirby

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Kirby Estate wines can be found at:

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The kirby connection

Kirby Estate is a passion project of Maria and Scott Kirby who wish to share their limited production wines with like-minded eonophiles that appreciate the best that Niagara has to offer -  great quality, tasty, energetic wines.  If they have sparked your interest and you would like to know more about Kirby Estate please join the subscription list.  You will be advised periodically of happenings in the vineyard and of up coming releases.

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